Durability and materials testing

Abrasion Resistance  
Inflated Diaphragm (Stoll) ASTM D3886
Martindale ASTM D4966
Taber ASTM D3884
Wyzenbeek ASTM D4157
Burst Strength  
Ball Burst ASTM D3787/D6797
Mullen Burst ASTM D3786
Cold Cracking / Impact Resistance  
Impact ASTM D1790, PTL Methods
Mandrel Method ASTM D751
Roller Method ASTM D751, FTM 191A-5874
Colorfastness to:  
Crocking - Wet & Dry AATCC 8/116
Light AATCC 16, ASTM G154/155
Perspiration AATCC 15
Water - Bleed Resistance AATCC 107
Cycle Tester (Continuous Motion)  
Handle / Strap / Sling Lifts PTL 1350-07/1360-07
Zipper / Zipper Pulls  
Drop Test PTL Methods
Hardware Tests:  
Buckles, Loops, Plastic Fasteners, etc. ASTM, PTL Methods
Corrosion Resistance ASTM B117
Finish Abrasion Burrell Shaker Method
High Temperature Durability ASTM D573, PTL 1290-07
Low Temperature Durability PTL 1370-07
Tensile Strength ASTM D5035
Zipper / Zipper Pulls ASTM, PTL, SFA Methods
Pilling - Random Tumble Method ASTM D3512
Strength Tests  
Tensile Strength and/or Elongation ASTM D5034/D5035
Moisture Management  
Water Repellency - Spray Test AATCC 22
Water Resistance AATCC 127, ASTM D751